Bassoon at Shenandoah

7 Reasons to Study Bassoon at Shenandoah

1) Bassoon teacher is full-time faculty, which means

that you will have your teacher available all week instead of just one or

two days a week. This translates to greater flexibility in lesson

schedules, chamber coachings, and recital planning; availability for

drop-in questions/concerns, etc.

2) Scholarship funding: Shenandoah wants to recruit. You want to be

recruited. This is in no way a guarantee of monies for whomever might

know how to hold a bassoon, but it does increase the likelihood that a

talented player will receive competitive funding.

3) Shenandoah’s multiple ensemble opportunities (symphony orchestra, symphonic wind ensemble, concert band, pit orchestra, chamber groups, jazz ensemble, choirs, etc.) equal more playing opportunities for students who want to do a bit of everything.

  1. 4)The conservatory offers a wide range of degrees:

  1. Contemporary Musicianship & Entrepreneur Development (BA)

  2. Jazz Studies

  3. Music Composition

  4. Music Education

  5. Music Performance (BM, MM, DMA, AD)

  6. Music Production & Recording Technology

  7. Music Therapy

  8. Recording & Audio Arts (BA)

  1. Dance (BA and BFA)

  1. Acting

  2. Musical Theatre

  3. Musical Theatre Accompanying

  4. Theatre Design & Production

So, not only do you have a broad array of possibilities for your own training, you are also in daily contact with an incredible mix of students and teachers who each experience and communicate their artistry through a variety of lenses.

5) Shenandoah is a community: The faculty and students at SU develop meaningful professional relationships that last for years. (Having gone to a large state school for undergrad, I must say I don't even recall half of my teachers and they certainly do not remember me.)

6) Spring Break: SU has a competitive program, titled the Global Citizenship Project (GCP), that sends groups of students and faculty to various locations in the world (at no cost for the student) for spring break in order to better learn about the ways people in other countries live, work, and interact. (Students can go once during their degree at Shenandoah, provided their essay is selected.)

7) Proximity: SU is a very comfortable drive to Washington D.C. and

Baltimore, which both boast world-class arts scenes. Students also routinely make their way to NYC for breaks and class trips.

Bassoon Auditions

Shenandoah Conservatory holds multiple audition days each year for applicants at both the undergraduate and graduate levels (MM, DMA, Artist Diploma).

For more information on applying and auditioning, click HERE.

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