Is it ok to play a plastic bassoon in college?                                                                               BACK

The quick answer is “it depends.”

Question #1:  What is your major?

If you are a performance student, you should be looking toward purchasing a good wooden student or professional bassoon in the near future. Even the best plastic bassoon does not sound like a good wooden instrument.

If you are pursuing any major other than performance, then a good plastic instrument (a Fox Model III or IV, for example) should work just fine. However, the final decision concerning the suitability of any instrument should be left up to the teacher.

Question #2:  What are your playing goals?

Even if you are not a performance major, you may still want to take larger auditions or play for local ensembles. While many smaller groups will be just fine with the sound of a good plastic instrument, other more prestigious ones will want you to play a good sounding wooden instrument.

Question #3:  Where are you in your schooling?

If you are in your first two years and have simply not saved up enough money to buy a good wooden instrument, then a good plastic one is just fine. If you are in your final two or three years (especially as a performance major) and you still have a plastic instrument, you should probably start searching out an upgrade. If you intend to go to graduate school for bassoon performance, then you most definitely should obtain a quality wooden instrument.

It takes time to obtain a new instrument even after you decide exactly which one you want. Make sure you do your research before you get into a situation where your instrument is holding you back.