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For Shenandoah Conservatory Undergraduate Auditionees:

Two contrasting etudes (from Weissenborn, Milde, Ferling, etc.) and one solo work of appropriate difficulty (a single movement is acceptable). Major scales required; major as well as harmonic minor preferred. Sightreading will also be required. No piano accompaniment is necessary for undergraduate auditions.

Some Appropriate Solos:

Bourdeau: Premier Solo

Cioffari: Sonatina

Elgar: Romance

Fasch: Sonata

Devienne: The Concerto (some old publications attribute it to Mozart) or one of the six Sonatas

Galliard: One of the six Sonatas

Grovlez: Sicilienne et Allegro Giocoso

Hindemith: Sonata

Jacob: Concerto

Mozart: Concerto, K.191

Phillips: Concertpiece

Saint-Saëns: Sonate

Senaille: Allegro Spiritoso

Telemann: Sonata in F-minor

Vivaldi: Any of the many Concerti

Weber: Concerto

No matter what you play, make sure you can play it well. There is no sense in choosing a piece that is too difficult. Ask yourself if you can truly play all the right notes at all the right times? Can you play the piece at an appropriate tempo? Can you play it in tune? A well-played easier piece is worth a lot more than a sloppily played piece of greater difficulty. The people hearing you want you to succeed and we prefer to hear you at your very best.